Key takeaways:

  • Performance marketing is built around the idea to only pay for visible results.

  • With performance marketing, you can easily calculate the expenses needed for marketing needs.

  • Performance marketing platforms can help you measure every step and tweak your marketing campaign whenever you see fit.

Year by year, digital marketing gets more branchy, generating countless new strategies and approaches aspiring to attract and convert previously unexplored traffic and improve return on investment.

Nevertheless, in an attempt to find a balance between high performance and reasonable expenses for marketing campaigns, more and more vendors are opting for performance marketing. Based on the idea to only pay for visible results, performance marketing proves to be a successful strategy to get the most out of any budget allocated for marketing needs.

Therefore, if you want to build a profitable, cost-effective business, incorporating performance marketing in your overall advertising strategy will be the wisest decision in today's versatile digital space. And here are the top reasons how your business can benefit from performance marketing in 2022.


One key element that distinguishes performance marketing from other marketing types is that an advertiser only pays when the desired action (such as a purchase, subscription, or click) is accomplished. In other words,
payment is made only for successful operations. 

Instead of spending money to advertise products or services via traditional channels without fully realizing if those ads generate sales or not, performance marketing helps track every click and literally estimate every step, enabling marketers to adapt and react to feedback at each campaign stage.

Moreover, performance marketing measures the campaign's performance in a real-time fashion 24/7 and allows tweaking a strategy any time a marketer sees fit.

Less risk

In fact, performance marketing from all sides implies less risk than other marketing techniques. Firstly, it concerns money that is spent for results only, protecting an advertiser from any contingencies. Besides, with such an approach, it is easier to plan the proper budget and calculate expenses.

Example: A $1,000 budget will be an appropriate sum if a marketer wants to pay $0.50 per click and has a plan of 2,000 website visits.

Secondly, when it comes to launching a marketing campaign by a small business, performance marketing guarantees to be the most budget-friendly approach if operating on a tight allocation.

Finally, performance marketing is much more flexible and transparent. If a campaign doesn't meet expectations or reaches its cap, it can be easily stopped or paused, and the budget can be moved to other needs.

High ROI

The most important question every business asks when launching a marketing campaign entails the return on investment (ROI) for the money it spends. In this regard, one of the biggest advantages of performance marketing is the ability to efficiently evaluate and improve ROI. Since you can constantly analyze the campaign insights, it's possible to see if the ad works effectively for the good of your business.

Pro Tip: If you spot poor or no results, extremely low conversion rates, meager revenue, or short on-site sessions, then it is a clear sign to act accordingly and optimize a campaign

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