Performance marketing industry has opened the floodgates of new possibilities for incumbent advertisers and a new wave of digital marketplaces alike. But it is not just milk and honey across the board. 

With the first advent of digital marketing a new form of fraud was born with people taking advantage of the crude software used by marketers, security holes in browsers, as well as applying game theory on purchasers and advertisers alike. 

There are numerous articles in reputable publications that have been alarming the industry for ages. For example, a recent article in Forbes magazine by Dr. Augustine Fou explains some of the most popular techniques, available at


However, it is only a few examples seen at the surface. Let’s review the most common types of fraud seen by performance marking specialists and digital advertisers daily:

  • Fraudulent affiliates registrations, trying to take advantage of partner marketing companies with low entry thresholds and payout limits, typically one who previously been banned for supplying fraudulent traffic, oftenly working in groups from the same locations or servers

  • Motivated traffic, primarily from the social media channels and chats, usually offering a reward for registering for a deal with visitors being not genuinely interested in the offering, and fraudsters taking advantage of pay-per-lead type of offers, where advertisers pay for the registration in the expectation of future cash flow

  • Botnet traffic flooding the systems with a non-monetizable automated traffic, oftenly from the hijacked systems and servers, taking advantage of PPL offers

  • Fake traffic generated by the affiliates themselves, usually working in groups, working PPL offers in circles, with no chances of being ever monetized by Advertisers

All of this and many more niche situations lead to low general performance of the program, leading to Advertisers lowering the payout rates, resulting in lesser income for genuine traffic and honest partners, potentially even blocking the program for participating or switching to PPS/RevShare payout models. 

Fighting it is easier said than done. Without access to advanced tools, capable of analyzing Big Data and vast amounts of previous activity, any business in the performance marketing industry will easily succumb to the sheer volume of fraudulent clicks and conversions. With Advertisers usually resorting to just analyzing the overall KPIs of the particular affiliate program it usually causes heavy damages for the business and can lead to the business terminating.

UCLIQ from day one has been focusing on building comprehensive fraud detection and prevention solutions for the industry. Initially built for the selected strategic partners, our tools are now opened up for the public and everyone can benefit from it at very affordable pricing.

With our launch, anyone subscribing to even our basic startup packages gets access to all Fraud Detection and Prevention tools as a bonus.

Among other features, as a UCLIQ customer you will get access to:

  • Affiliate registration profiling, allowing to detect what country, time zone affiliate operates from, what is their language, IP address and provider, have an affiliate with a similar characteristics been registered and banned before

  • Motivated traffic detection - whether it is coming from chats and social media or it is generated by the group of fraudsters, UCLIQ allows to detect the source of the traffic, determine if there is a reuse of IP address within the affiliate account or a group of affiliates

  • Fraudulent conversion detection and prevention - UCLIQ is capable of profiling incoming conversions by the ever growing number of patterns with the use of Reinforced Machine Learning, flagging suspicious conversions and assigning them a specific risk score, with a possibility to put them automatically on hold for the risk management attention

  • Affiliate payout fraud detection - UCLIQ provides a possibility to detect affiliates using the same payment accounts, helping to detect ones working in groups for further investigation

  • Transaction data drill-down - ability to analyze vast amounts of historical data to find repeated patterns and behaviors, helping to establish the genuineness of the conversion and quality of the traffic overall

All this and more is available to every UCLIQ client, upon signing up for a free consultation and becoming a customer. Don’t miss our limited offer with all the premium Risk Management tools being provided with no extra cost as a limited time offer! Visit https://ucliq.com and learn more about it.