For strong business performance, there is nothing more fundamental than customers, as no business exists without its customer base. Attracting traffic to your business is an uphill task. However, once you find customers, you may face another challenge – how to establish and maintain solid relationships with them.

Customer Relationship Management systems, or simply CRMs, are a helpful tool to build and improve these relationships as well as always stay up-to-date when running an e-commerce business.

CRM software serves to consolidate customer information into a single profile so users can better organize and manage relationships, automate standard processes, synchronize sales, marketing, customer support, and monitor performance and productivity 24/7. So, CRM is basically an all-in-one service for your customer feedback.

Integrating a decent CRM into your business will also help to:

  • Automate and Streamline Workflows. You can normalize all business processes linked with marketing, customer support, and sales to tailor your further strategy.

  • Make Better Offers. Detect promising leads, focus on them and their needs and multiply the chances of conversion. 

  • Refine Customer Service. It's of great significance to understand if all your customers remain happy. If not, find out the grounds to fix them. A CRM system is an effective tool in terms of collecting data on customer satisfaction. 

  • Boost Deals. A CRM opens valuable customer data such as geography, habits, age, and activity, which can be used to customize both relationships and offerings. Relevant offers made to the right customers at the proper time enable you to make good deals, resulting in enhanced ROI.

With numerous CRM software tools on the market, how do you determine which features and options to prioritize to improve your business performance?

UCLIQ offers a comprehensive full-blown software that provides a wide range of capabilities and features, including:

  • Role-based security
  • Role-based security defines how various users (support, marketing, creative, copywriting, administrator, and others) may access different types of data within the system. 

  • Ticket-based support system
  • UCLIQ CRM ticketing system operates like central case management where all cases are recorded and cataloged. Users can access cases at any time to see improvement, view communication, or take any other desired action. 

  • The automated email-based system with automatic support ticket conversion
  • This feature may help significantly speed up the outreach process without sacrificing personalization or quality.

  • The automated partner onboarding process
  • If your business has numerous partners, UCLIQ CRM will help minimize complexity in workflows, onboard partners quickly, and achieve better business outcomes.

  • Partner risk assessment and fraud prevention
  • Affiliate fraud is a growing tendency in e-commerce businesses, and many may easily miss even the clear signs of a scam. With UCLIQ.com, it's easy to filter out fake users, bots, motivated traffic, as well as assess all the risks to grow your business safely.

  • Partner questionnaire for easy profiling
  • The better you organize and normalize data, the faster you can access and manage it.

  • Mass-mail campaigns
  • Sending a mass email campaign allows you to advance your team's sales outreach by giving you campaign insights.

  • Integrated partner information, stats, and reporting features
  • Your business can get detailed, accurate insights from partner data collected across the company, increasing cash flow and multiplying working capital briskly.

All this and numerous extra perks are available to every UCLIQ client when becoming our customer. Don't miss the chance to get acquainted with our state-of-the-art software to enhance your business performance! Visit our official website https://ucliq.com to find out more information about it.