AI-based routing-optimizing smart-links for optimal traffic conversion

Big Data analytics for best Business Intelligence

365+ days of full data storage with record-breaking data access speed

Invoicing and payment systems integrations

Integrated Customer Management System

Full security suite: fraud prevention, cloaking, DNS management and DDOS-resilience

Case studies

Traffic delivery optimization for Partner networks

Big Data analysis and Business Intelligence for advertisers and arbitration teams

Outstanding security measures for optimal business resilience for every customer

About Us

Created by the team of professionals with multi-decade experience in partner marketing, artificial intelligence, performance system design, Data Science and Fintech, UCLIQ platform offers outstanding record-breaking performance, unheard-of traffic conversion KPI, full data access, API integration and full business intelligence. Optional integration with Traffic Arbitration and Financing platform and Card Payment Processing platforms provides full vertical integration for end-to-end ready-made solution for large networks and advertisers as well as smaller arbitration teams and single vendors.

Made with Love in Prague, Czech Republic.